Bred Cows for Sale

We have 4 bred Angus cows for sale. All are vet. preg-checked bred for Aug. 15 calves for 30 days and are bred to a […]

Spring Pictures

Although it’s been chilly the last few days, spring is here! Enjoy our pictures of springtime, flowers, and new life!

Recap of Summer 2014

This summer has been busy, like usual, but we have a lot to thank God for! Here are some of our highlights: In early summer, […]

Beef ready!

We have one steer ready. He’ll be going to the Butcher Shop on September 9. Our beef sells out quickly, so if you’re interested, let […]

Rotational Grazing

For the past several years we have been practicing rotational grazing. It has been amazing to watch our pasture come alive with species we didn’t […]