Hi, I’m Rachel!


I make all of my bath and body products with pure, fresh ingredients, so you can feel good about what’s going on your skin. All of my soap is handcrafted with creamy Jersey cow milk yogurt, and I use Nebraska produced sunflower and safflower oils in many of my products.
I make all of my soap and body products at my farm near Nelson, NE.
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Handmade Soap

Many contain creamy cow’s milk yogurt and other pampering additives! Handmade soap gently cleanses without using detergents.


Clay Masks


Sugar Scrubs

Moisturizing, non-greasy sugar scrubs, to leave your skin silky smooth.


Bath Bombs

Pampering, fizzy bath bombs!

Lip Balm and Lotions

Rich, creamy whipped body butter, and super moisturizing lotion bars.

Treat your lips! Rich oils and butters combine with a delicious burst of flavor, all wrapped in one little tube. I use unsweetened flavor oils and add natural Stevia extract for sweetness.

These lip balms are lightly colored and don’t leave a noticeable amount of color on your lips.


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Please note: Since all of my products are handmade, they may vary from the pictures here.