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Our pigs are raised on dirt and pasture. They are very healthy and have never been given vaccines, antibiotics, or growth hormones. We feed non-genetically modified alfalfa hay and grain, including grain sorghum and oilseed sunflowers. They are also love to drink our extra milk and whey.

Our feeder hogs are either purebred or high % Berkshire. Berkshire pork is renowned for its flavor, marbling and tenderness. Taste tests show that Berkshire pork is much superior to “commodity pork” from the grocery store. Many gourmet restaurants have Berkshire pork on the menu, making it a highly sought after product.

Please contact us with any questions, or for more information about our delicious pork!

*Note: We require a deposit on the animal before the date of butcher. We will then deliver your hog to the Butcher Shop in Fairfield, Nebraska. You, the owner of the hog, need to call them, place your cutting order, pay for processing, and pick up the meat when it has been processed. The processing charges are usually approximately $.65-.75 per lb. of hanging weight. The charges may be more than this if you wish to have them process the meat more, such as making sausages, specially seasoning the meat, etc. All meat processing is between you and the Butcher Shop; we are not responsible.