Grass Finished Beef

Our beef is raised with no grain, antibiotics, chemical dewormers,  growth hormones or insecticides. Why? We don’t believe it is necessary to use synthetic drugs. We very seldom use antibiotics, preferring to utilize herbal and aromatic medicine, or homeopathy.

A few weeks after the calves are born, we start rotating the cattle through our pasture paddocks. Every week or two they are turned into a fresh pen. This enables the grass to rest and regrow before the cattle come back and graze it again, and keeps our parasite population down to a minimum. We have seen a huge increase in our plant diversity, and the native wildflowers and grasses are coming back in our pastures!

Our calves stay with their mothers for 10 months before they are weaned, instead of the conventional 6-7 months. We have found that our late-weaned calves are less stressed, and grow better than the earlier weaned ones. One benefit of this practice is that our steers finish out nicely in 26-27 months, and the replacement heifers grow up to become efficient mama cows.

While on pasture, the cattle are fed free-choice, grain-free minerals, along with Redmond Natural Salt. We believe that the less synthetic inputs we have, the healthier the animals will be and ultimately, ourselves.


No beef available at this time. Please contact us to find out when the next beef will be ready!


*Please note: We require a deposit on the animal before the date of butcher. We will then deliver your beef to the Butcher Shop in Fairfield, Nebraska. You, the owner (or partial owner) of the steer, need to call them to place your cutting order, pay for processing, and pick up the meat when it has been processed. The processing charges are usually approximately $.65-.75 per lb. of hanging weight. The charges may be more than this if you wish to have them process the meat more, such as making sausages, canning, etc. All meat processing is between you and the Butcher Shop; we are not responsible.

An example of an estimate of pricing at $2.45/lb. hanging weight for a half beef:

Hanging weight: $2.45 X 363 lbs. = $890 for beef

Processing: $.65 X 363 lbs. = $236 for processing

$890 + $236 = $1126 total cost

$1126 total cost ÷ 363 lbs = total cost is approx. $3.10 per pound of meat… where can you find high quality, grass fed hamburger, not to mention steaks and roasts, for that price?




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