About us


At E bar N Farm we raise all natural, grass-fed Angus and crossbred cattle, Jersey cattle, various poultry, honey bees, registered LaMancha goats, and Berkshire hogs. Rachel also makes and sells natural soap, lotions, bath bombs, lip balm, and other related products. We are a small, family farm. Our first priority is to honor God in all that we do, and second, to provide our family and customers with affordable, high quality food and cosmetic products.

We attend farmer’s markets and craft shows throughout central Nebraska. Come see us! We love to talk to our customers.

None of our meat animals have ever been given growth hormones, and we are striving to eliminate all chemical inputs with all of our animals. Our animals are naturally healthy, but when we need to treat a disease, we use herbs, essential oils and/or homeopathic medicine.

On our cropland we are incorporating cover crops and reducing (eventually eliminating) synthetic inputs. We raise 85-100% of the grain we feed to our hogs and chickens. Our grain is not sprayed with fungicides or insecticides. The cattle and hogs are raised and supplemented, respectively, on high quality, non genetically modified forage, either grazed or made into hay.

We have pork, honey, and cattle breeding stock for sale several times per year. We have beef by the cut available year-round. Soap and bath products are available here.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions! We’d be happy to answer. We are located near Nelson, Nebraska.