Pork ready!

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SOLD. We have 2 hogs finishing out, and we’ll be delivering them to the butcher on September 21, 2015. These are dirt hogs, raised outside their entire lives, with no antibiotics, hormones, vaccines or drugs of any kind. These are quite a bit larger than the last batch, with a liveweight around 250#; the hanging weights should be about 140-160#. Our price is per lb. of hanging weight. You will also be responsible for the processing charges from the butcher. (see note below)

These hogs have been fed on our farm-raised oats, barley, flaxseed, wheat, and rye.  For more information, please visit: http://ebarnfarm.com/pork/

Please contact us with any questions, or to place your order!

Note: We will deliver the hog to the Butcher Shop in Fairfield, Nebraska. You, the owner of the hog, will then call them, place your cutting order, pay for processing, and pick up the meat when it has been processed. The processing charges are usually approximately $.65-.75 per lb. of hanging weight. The charges may be more than this if you wish to have them make sausages, specially season the meat, etc. This is between you and the Butcher Shop; we are not responsible.

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  1. I am interested in buying a full hog. I was wondering how we go about exchanging payment and if you still have any ready for processing. Might also be interested in a side of beef later.


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