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The goats are raised lovingly without antibiotics and chemical wormers. I just don’t have time to milk and take care of all of them. Currently they are on an herbal wormer. I could make a deal for all of them, or maybe trade for something.


RMG Alea’s Lacylady – SOLD




Lacy is one of my favorites. She is two years old, milking almost 1/2 gallon a day on once a day milking and she is also raising a wether.  She is purebred.








RMG Dabney’s Sabrina – SOLD




Oh, I really wish I didn’t have to sell Sabrina! She is 2 years old and has beautiful conformation and a lovely udder. I have not been milking her or feeding grain, as she is raising two kids, but when I locked them up for the night and milked her in the morning, she gave about 1/2 gallon. I think she has the ability to milk really well.  She is also purebred.






RMG Dabney’s Debbie – SOLD




Debbie is a yearling bottle baby with a splash of color! She is a purebred, and maternal half-sister to Sabrina, so she should milk well.  Debbie has horns, but I tipped them so they’re not sharp and pointy.


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